Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Aerb RFID Blocking Sleeves

I recently have become more and more concerned with protecting our credit cards because my husband has had unauthorized purchases on his credit cards.  I have a wallet that blocks RFID but I didn't realize that there were sleeves you could purchase until I was approached by Aerb to try this product. My husband likes to carry just the cards he needs instead of carrying a wallet so I was excited to try these sleeves.  

This particular set of sleeves comes with 12 credit card sleeves and 2 passport sleeves.  Some of the sleeves have openings on the ends and some have openings on the top.  
These sleeves are said to be durable, tear proof and waterproof.  My first impression of the product was how sturdy the material was; I had been concerned that they would be flimsy and wear out easily but they are not flimsy at all.  The inside of each sleeve has a shiny metal type covering that I assume is what blocks the RFID.  

It was very easy for me to slide my cards into the sleeve and just as easy to remove the card from the sleeve.   My husband tried to tear one of the sleeves and he was only able to do it when applying a tremendous amount of pressure so I am sure they would remain tear free in normal circumstances.  I ran water on one of the sleeves for several minutes and there was no change to the sleeve at all (I was shocked!).

 Overall, I think these are great to have if you keep loose cards in your purse or if your husband is like mine and just carries the cards that he needs in his pocket. 

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I was provided with this product to facilitate a review.  I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are my own.  

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