Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Musician's Friend online store

If you have kids that are starting band class in school, I have found a great website where you can get instruments for cheaper than other websites.  I myself play the flute so I looked up those prices first.  You can get a student flute for $149.99!  That is an amazing price; My parents paid more than that for a used flute back in the 90's.  When you are first beginning to play an instrument you do not need the most expensive, high-quality instrument.  I played my used flute all the way until I graduated high school and it served me just fine.  My oldest son plays drums and I paid almost $300 for his beginner drums.  Musician's friend has a comparable set for $159.99!  I know where I will be heading for our next instruments!   Check them out here if you are in the market for an instrument (they have so much more than just school band instruments!): Best online musical instrument store

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