Monday, October 10, 2016

Review - U.S. Art Supply Super Crayons Set of 36 Colors

My 5 year old, D, loves to draw with crayons but he is usually easily frustrated because crayons can be hard to hold and he usually has to push pretty hard to get them to work.  These Super Crayons solve both of those problems!  They are pretty big around which makes them much easier for small hands to hold.   They are also gel crayons so instead of having to push hard to make them work, they just sort of glide onto the paper.  

The only downside to the crayons is that because of the large size you can't get in to small spots without going out of the lines.   I would love to have another set of these gel crayons that come in a smaller size just for the tight spots because D does not like to go out of the lines or he gets upset.  The colors on these crayons are nicely pigmented so even the yellow shows up without any problems.  The only thing I noticed is that some of the crayons look to be one color, based on the outside, but are not exactly that color when they hit the paper.  It's not a huge deal but it makes it a bit tricky to pick the color you need sometimes.   One thing that I love about all of U.S. Art Supplies crayons and markers is that they always come in some sort of case or box for easy storage.  There is nothing I hate more than having a bunch of random art supplies laying here, there and everywhere.   Since these come in the carrying case and stay securely snapped into their spots, we can easily take them in the car with us.  

Overall, I think these are the perfect crayons for a preschooler and I plan to buy some for my nieces for Christmas.

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