Monday, August 15, 2016

New York Biology Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

I have had a chance to try several of the products made by New York Biology and I must say that this one is my absolute favorite.  I didn't expect to be so thrilled over a massage oil but that was because I didn't realize how many skin problems it would address.   While this is marketed as a massage oil for cellulite, I have found it to be amazing at helping with severe dry skin.  I have had very dry, sensitive skin for my entire life and have struggled with it daily.  This product has reduced the dryness greatly in only a week.  I also suffer from red raised bumps all over my legs and I have seen a significant improvement in them since I began using this.  The product itself is a very thin oil that needs to be applied to damp skin.  Because it is so thin, I have found that it is easiest to keep it in the shower and apply it while I am still in the shower after i have slighly dried myself off.   You will feel oily at first but the oil absorbs into my skin pretty quickly and I am left with nice smooth feeling skin.  I can't yet say how it has worked for cellulite because it hasn't been that long but I will keep using it and see if there is improvement in the tone of my legs where all my cellulite lives.  If you suffer from dry skin on your body then I highly suggest you try this product.

I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

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